Secure Documents Storage

Keep your documents safe and secure, offering controlled access to the locations, sites and individuals who need it most.

From asbestos registration and risk management, to health and safety, PAT testing and gas safety certification, Wave are experts in the holding of sensitive information and documents relevant to key sites and stakeholders.

The tool can be customised and deliver the following:

Allow your users to define process steps

Comprehensive event history for each transaction

Process compliance recording

Transparent issues management

Enhanced customer relationship management

Our secure servers can store all files and documents associated with a given site, including drawings, plans, videos, photographs, certificates and more. Each of these documents can be seamlessly associated with a given site or location, so that relevant members of staff and other stakeholder can be given access as and when they need it.

You can also use controlled access to give important users unparallelled access to anything they need, safe in the knowledge that our software monitors access and tracks authors.

"Secure, flexible and easy to use - it has streamlined our processes and enabled us to make great strides in improving our efficiency and cost control. What more can I say?"

Stephen Beadle, Miller Construction UK
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