Facilities and Asset Management

Gain unparalleled control and visibility across your assets and start maximising efficiency.


Business moves fast. Our team have developed a facilities and asset management application that is designed to deliver transparency and efficiency at every level. Our software allows suppliers, contractors and other parties who manage and complete work to access key information instantaneously online.

By placing work schedules, asset databases and specifications online and allowing them to be edited on the fly, operations can move swiftly without delay and the need for excess paperwork.

Key resources such as rooms and equipment can be booked and managed in real-time, allowing your team to plan ahead and work unhindered. Helpdesk facilities and work scheduling and invoicing can give you complete control of all facets of your supply chain.

The application delivers the following:

Helpdesk facility

Work orders and scheduling

Monitoring of work in progress

Invoicing and reporting of SLAs and KPIs

Corporate responsibility

Our application has been developed in-house by experts and draws together a range of business operational processes and puts them into one, integrated application package. Why use several different solutions when one, integrated approach can solve all of your problems?


"Secure, flexible and easy to use - it has streamlined our processes and enabled us to make great strides in improving our efficiency and cost control. What more can I say?"

Stephen Beadle, Miller Construction UK
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