Glasgow 3ED

By delivering a 24/7 facilities management service as well as maintaining and upgrading IT equipment, we helped to streamline operations for Glasgow 3ED.

The background

Glasgow 3ED is the consortium which is delivering Glasgow’s £1.2 billion PFI schools project, the biggest education project in the UK. Their role is to invest in, manage and maintain Glasgow City Council’s secondary school estate. The estate consists of 29 schools with a pupil population of 30,000. The Miller Group forms one third of the consortium and it is in partnership with Miller that Wave Business Applications is deployed.

The task

The project includes provision of a 24/7 facilities management service, and the maintenance and upgrading of ICT equipment. A 24-hour helpdesk has been established, which represents a single point of contact for schools to report both facilities management and ICT problems or service failures.

The solution

Our web-enabled integrated system reinforces Miller’s facilities management strategy, which must cover buildings and grounds maintenance, energy management, cleaning, and security services.

We have created an asset and document register, provided supplier management and helped define and establish lifecycle costs enabling planning, implementation and management of this 30-year maintenance programme.

Our service has ensured easy job tracking and offers instant SMS messaging and email to schedule tasks and issue instructions. With regular upgrades provided, it has resulted in a truly progressive system that meets everyone’s needs.

They have helped us make great strides

Glasgow - 3ED

They have brought a number of benefits to our business including more effective planning and budgeting as well as ensuring compliance with statutory legislation

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