Integrated Solutions for Facilities and Asset Management

From Assets and Facilities Management to Real-time Information Reporting, you can reduce risk and minimise cost with Wave.

For large businesses and corporations, speed and accuracy are paramount. Mistakes cost time and resources, so having a solution in place that minimises risk and increases efficiency is an essential part of any business’ success.

For over 15 years, Wave Business Applications have developed software and tools to help corporations with the tracking, management and reporting of data, people, assets, documents and other information, using web and mobile technology.  From real-time reporting to speeding up procurement processes, we streamline operations based on specific targets and business objectives.

What sets Wave apart? We draw together a range of operational solutions into one neat and integrated package that takes care of everything without compromise.

Our experience lies in helping large businesses in transport, construction, property, insurance and more. We take the time to get to know each and every business we work with on a personal level, understanding the goals, risks and day-to-day processes that form its operation. Only then will we get to work building the perfect solutions package to optimise workflow and increase productivity.

They have brought a number of benefits to our business including more effective planning and budgeting as well as ensuring compliance with statutory legislation

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